Our Whirlwind

The last four months have been crazy busy and we’ve decided we may never have a boring year ever again. When Kenny and I got married we just bought our first home, I was starting my first teaching job, and Kenny was starting back at school to finish his degree in business. Now, fast forward almost five years later, we sold our condo and bought our first home {stay tuned for a before and after post in mid-August—we should finally be done by then!}, we have a busy young toddler, I am continuing my work as an 8th grade Social Studies teacher, and Kenny will be graduating with a degree in HR and business leadership in December. We thought at some point (even hoped) we would have a boring year. Pretty sure that will never happen now.

In January we decided to put our condo on the market. In about a week after putting it on the market we sold. Shortly after we were able to place our own offer on our first single family home, a place we could grow in, make our own, and spend many years as a family. It was a home built in 1980, large, nice lot, full of potential, but it needed some work.

Last weekend in March we moved from the condo into my parents house for a month while a wall was taken down, dry wall put up, new floors were installed, paint was applied in all interior areas, new counters and tile work in kitchen and bathrooms, all while we were continuing work and school. Whew! Even that long sentence has me tired.

The last four months were busy and exhausting, with moving twice (out and in to my parents, and then out of my parents’ house and into our new house once the interior was complete), finishing my fifth school year, going through the sudden loss of Kenny’s best friend, Kenny finishing his third to last term of school and starting a new job in his line of work, and the stomach flu wrecking havoc on all of us soon after we moved into the new house. We needed a break or a vacation from life following those crazy, hectic months.

In fact, we were starting to talk about either a couple’s vacation or a family vacation, just so we could hit “refresh.” The other topic between Kenny and I, now that we had the living space, was to start planning for a second baby. Now, we didn’t know when it was going to happen, but we thought this summer was a good time to start trying because it would be great to have the kids two to three years apart. When we got pregnant with K.C. it happened almost right away, so we thought that could happen or it may not. We were not going to stress about it and just go with the flow and see what happens.

So it was the first of July and I was about to go to the store. A pregnancy test was on my grocery list, just to have available in the house for when the time arose. I had a box of two remaining pregnancy tests from awhile ago when we thought we had a “false alarm,” so I just decided to take it, since I was going to buy more. We just started actively trying so I didn’t think anything of it. Kenny and I were both surprised to see “pregnant” show up on the test. “Whoa! That happened fast!” was our thought.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetOn Monday the 3rd, I called to make a doctor’s appointment. Tuesday the 4th I went in for a blood test. Results, positive. Friday, July 7th, I had my first OB appointment. The doctor and myself were thinking I was in the early stages, maybe six or eight weeks pregnant. We were both surprised when I had my ultrasound and we did not see a little bean, but a full baby with limbs, a body, and a profile. I was 14 or 15 weeks pregnant!!!! How in the world did that happen?! That means over the last four months of all that craziness I was pregnant!

I had to think back over those months. Yes, I had some symptoms, but I equated it to stress. I was tired, I occasionally had a queasy stomach, I had some spotting, I had a couple evenings were I puked, but all of it I thought was stress, anxiety, life, something I ate. I was even thinking at the start of summer I needed a cleanse so I could feel better after the last crazy months. I had no idea that during that time I was pregnant!


Left: 13 weeks pregnant with K.C. this time two years ago; Right: 15 weeks pregnant with baby #2

As soon as we found out I was pregnant my baby bump started to show, and show fast! Over the last couple weeks I’ve had ultrasounds to measure and date my pregnancy, blood tests (so many! to play catch up since the first trimester was already done), and just last night we had our gender reveal.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

IMG_0483The next five months are only about to get crazier as we prepare for baby #2, finish up the last projects on the house, and just as baby is due, Kenny will be completing his final term. Hopefully we will have some normalcy in our future, but I doubt it. I think we are bound to have a life that is never dull. There will always be something going on with the Strands.IMG_0486


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