An Adventure Themed Nursery

I assumed my first born would be late, as so many people told me that your first born is rarely on time—sometimes two weeks late. I never expected K.C. to be three weeks early. We planned to finish the nursery over Winter Break, but of course our little one had other plans and came three weeks early. We didn’t have a crib mattress, diaper pale, or changing pad. We were missing so many pieces of the nursery. With a lot of help from my mom & husband we slowly were able to piece the nursery together. Life is an adventure & now three months later we finally have completed the nursery. Just in time to transition K.C. from his bassinet in our room to his crib. Our hope for K.C. inspired the theme. We hope he explores the world with an inquisitive mind & is brave to adventure through life.



The most valued/priceless piece in the nursery gifted to me by my grandma (K.C.’s great grandma. A very special pray by my mother (grandma) to my late, beloved uncle (her little brother; K.C.’s great uncle—Uncle Mike would have loved & doted on our little man) when he was born.


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