Gender Revealed

Kenny & I had the opportunity to find out the sex relatively early. By week 16 sexual organs are developed & can be viewed in a high-tech medical ultrasound. Not only were we able to find out the gender of baby, but we were also able to view the little one in 3D/4D. Before we spill the beans, I thought I would share some fetal photos. Look at that little face! And as you can see with the different positions, babes was moving like crazy. It was so exciting seeing the baby so active in there.


After we found out the gender our plan was to call our immediate family over for a little reveal. We stopped at the Dollar Store on the way home to purchase colored (either pink or blue—you’ll have to wait to find out) silly string. Our family showed up at our place anxious to find out, but they had to wait until after we ate pizza & salad. The wait was killing them! And it was kind of fun keeping it a secret between Kenny & I for a short time.

Later we gathered everyone out to our driveway to spray the silly string in order to find out the gender. It was so fun watching everyone’s reaction as we all spraying one another.

Check out the video to find out if Baby Strand is a boy or a girl…


Yay! We are so excited & can’t wait for the adventures to come. More updates to come.

Love to the moon & back. Jennifer.


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